Forestry Mulching and Land Clearing

Urben Forest Services specializes in woodlot and forest management. We provide forest management services including forestry mulching, brush mowing, timber sale, and timber harvest. We also offer land clearing, lot clearing and grubbing services for pre-development residential and commercial projects.

Forestry Mulching is an efficient and eco-friendly way of clearing invasive undstory trees and brush. Our forestry mulcher shreds up all types of vegetation, leaving behind a natural mulch look which is good for the ecosystem. As decomposition of the shredded material occurs, nutrients are reintroduced into the soil, making it richer and more fertile. This method of clearing is fast and efficient. With this machine, we can clear land at costs far less than hand cutting methods with no hauling or burning that would result from conventional clearing.

Nature Trail and Road Creation

Nature Trail and Road Creation: Increase access throughout your property with professionally designed roads, ATV trails and walking paths. Forestry mulching is an efficient way to clear an area, creating a path in one pass.

Understory clearing

Understory clearing and Invasive Species Removal: Is an invasive species taking over your property? These plants are called invasive for a reason, they spread quickly are hard to get rid of. Removing them by hand can only get you so far. These plants need to be removed down to the roots to avoid future spreading. Our forestry mulcher chews up the invasive plant and turns it back into nutrients for the soil.

Fence Line Clearing

Fence Line Clearing and Real Estate Improvement: Get rid of those scrub junk trees that line your fencing with the forestry mulcher. Clear overgrown properties prior to selling by removing those overgrown areas to give it some curb appeal. There will be no hauling off debris, stump grinding, or clean up involved…just beautiful natural mulch look.

Wood Waste Reduction

Wood Waste Reduction and Storm Cleanup: Logging debris: stumps, slash and logs are no match for our forestry mulcher. Have downed trees? Let our forestry mulcher turn your tangled mess of trees or brush into an open usable space.

Straw Erosion Matting

Land Clearing and Lot Clearing: Urben Forest Services has the knowledge and experience to tackle any land clearing, lot clearing and grubbing project. We have the capability to tackle
large clearing jobs for DOT, ROW, and munical projects as well as tree removal, clearings and grubbing for residential and commercial construction projects.

Silt Fence

Erosion Control and Restoration: After a site has been cleared, Urben Forest Services offers a variety of erosion control and restoration services including silt fence, silt sock, grass seeding or native seed mixes, straw, straw matting/erosion matting.

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Page Summary: Urben Forest Services offers forestry mulching, land clearing near me, forest management and ground clearing. Products & services such as land clearing services, lot clearing, brush clearing near me as well as tree clearing are also part of the scope of our business. We also specialize in land clearing contractors near me, forestry mulcher service near me in Verona, Monona, Fitchburg as well as Belleville. Other areas we serve include Stoughton, Middleton, Madison and McFarland. We also service Brooklyn WI, Oregon WI and beyond.

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