Wood Products

Forest Management

Complete Forest Management

Urben Forest Services specializes in small woodlot management and select timber harvesting. We provide forest management services including timber sale, harvest and timber appraisal, custom lumber milling, kiln drying, and timber management on parcels less than 30 acres.

Portable Sawmill

We offer custom sawmill services with our TimberKing portable sawmill. With years of sawing experience, we can help you turn your logs into beautiful, high-grade lumber.

We can mill the logs into boards or beams of just about any dimension. Log lengths can be from 4’ to 20’ long and diameters from 10” to 36”. We also manage our own timber supply, and can occasionally fulfill special lumber orders. We regularly saw pine, oak, cherry, hickory, walnut and maple logs.


Firewood for Sale

All firewood sold is a mix of hardwood species including Oak, Maple, Hickory, and Cherry firewood. If you'd like just one type of hardwood please order by phone and know that there is an additional cost for specialized orders. Our standard lengths for firewood are 16-18”.

All firewood is cut, split and air dried for a minimum of 1 year.

We do not kiln dry our firewood, therefore we do not guarantee moisture content. 

Inspection from buyer is recommended as all sales are final after delivery.

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Page Summary: Urben Forest Services offers firewood for sale, sawmill, wood mill and timber products. Products & services such as forest management, timber companies, timber harvesting as well as tree harvester are also part of the scope of our business. We also specialize in timber for sale, timber sales in Verona, Monona, Fitchburg as well as Belleville. Other areas we serve include Stoughton, Middleton, Madison and McFarland. We also service Brooklyn WI, Oregon WI and beyond.